Our Operations

For 25 years, Hamiota Feedlot has served as one of the preferred backgrounders and finishers for producers from across the Prairies, Ontario and the northern United States.

We’ve enhanced every aspect of our business over the years, from nutrition to operational efficiencies to land management, and our backgrounding and finishing protocols are second to none. We work closely with different industry sectors and customers, building meaningful relationships that help us keep our finger on the pulse and adjust to the ever-changing industry landscape.

With a capacity for 12,500 cattle, we offer state-of-the-art nutrition and are committed to a robust level of animal health and well-being.


Through years of expertise and a continual commitment to a high level of animal care, Hamiota Feedlot has gained a great reputation for backgrounding and finishing cattle. Our customers keep coming back for our consistent herd health, thanks to our vigilant herd health experts, daily inspections and care, custom nutritional inputs and credible record-keeping.

We feed our cattle a mixture of home-grown silage and other specific science-based nutritional ingredients that are custom to the cattle’s needs, which are soundly sourced both locally and beyond. Our numbered pens can accommodate either 125 or 250 cattle. All pens have concrete feeding bunks with concrete waterers and excellent drainage. We are constantly investing and improving our pen conditions.

HFL employees love their jobs, and you can see their commitment in our cattle. We use low-stress handling techniques and insist on high husbandry standards and professionalism from all our workers. Our extensive onboard training includes animal welfare standards and all feedlot, food, and workplace health and safety protocols through the required regulatory bodies.


Based in western Manitoba, about 85 kilometres northwest of Brandon, Schweitzer Farms started as a mixed farm of grains and cattle. While we’ve transitioned to a focus on feed resources to background and finish cattle, the xxxx-acre farm remains an integral part of the business.

This is our home, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep environment and sustainability in mind. All approximately 30,000 tonnes of our annual silage crop are grown on our own land. We source remaining silage and input needs both locally and extended to that as needed. Cutting-edge technology and our in-house team of maintenance workers keeps machinery working at its optimum capacities. With HFL cattle manure serving as our main fertilizer, we focus on “closed-loop” management and outsource as little as possible.

We adhere to responsible water management, soil health, and efficient use of resources in every decision we make.


Hamiota Feedlot is known for our nurturing environment and impressive backgrounding and finishing results, thanks to our focus on responsible husbandry and individualized care.

We’ve been a member of the Verified Beef Program for 10 years, which ensures strict adherence to animal care, biosecurity and environmental stewardship best practices. HFL was an early adopter of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency tag program, which allows for full traceability of each animal, and keeps disease at bay.

The HFL consulting nutritionist evaluates the dietary needs in each pen and creates a custom feed blend accordingly. Our herd health technicians lead daily checks, assessments, and treatments, and each team member is very aware of the needs of each pen. Vigilant feeding schedules are also adhered to. This ensures consistent monitoring, improved feedlot maintenance, and contributes to overall herd health.

We keep meticulous regulatory records of herd health, including growth rate, bone density, inoculations, mortality and more. This data allows us to consistently refine the care and treatment cattle receive, keeping them healthy.

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