Larry Schweitzer is the founder and president of Hamiota Feedlot.

For more than 25 years, Larry has led HFL with vision and dependability. He has successfully navigated tumultuous periods, becoming one of Manitoba’s largest feedlots.

Beyond his own success, Larry uses his passion and business acumen to advocate for the cattle industry, and has served in many capacities, on provincial and national levels.

Larry served on the Manitoba Beef Producers Board from 1998-2004 and lead, most notably, as the MCPA President during the BSE crisis, which included navigating issues of border closures, slaughter capacity and the negotiation of significant payments for all the cows in the province at that time.

Larry served as director on the National Cattle Feeders Board from 2004-2015, and then was its President from 2015-2017. He has guided the industry through issues such as supply chain logistics, drought and flooding, labour shortages, rural infrastructure, climate issues and more.

He has also given his time to many other organizations, including the Canadian Cattleman’s Association, where he has aided on a multitude of files including Environment, Research and Production Management and Animal Health.

Larry continues to support the industry in every way he can and is often called on for his vast experiences and well-earned wisdom.


Audrey Kuik-Schweitzer is the co-owner and manager of Hamiota Feedlot.

An entrepreneurial spirit guided Audrey through a career in marketing, which eventually led to operating a branding firm with more than 30 employees.

Her background in communications in the pork and beef industries allows her to clearly articulate intricate issues to all stakeholders.

These two passions come together to create Audrey’s management style, with high standards and efficiencies always top of mind.

In addition, Audrey currently represents Manitoba on the National Cattle Feeders Association Board, and she has also been appointed to serve on the Manitoba Farm Industry Board.

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